KP Turntables of various versions of unbalanced type with roadway above are intended for turning or reversing in roundhouse depot with the weight up to 300 tons and differ from each other in the length of the swing-span.
  Turntable is a steel truss with the rail track mounted on the top of the construction which can turn in the horizontal plane by 360° around the center support. The steel truss (swing-span) is constituted by one transverse beam and two longitudinal beams bolted with each other. Each end of the swing-span is supported by two bogies: driving and driven that rest upon a circular rail and ensure the turntable rotation. Bogie movement actuator is driven by two electric motors of three-phase alternating current with voltage 380 V and power 22 kW each. In order to exclude non-flatness of the circular rail and deformation of the carrier beams each bogey is equipped with a swivel joint with carrier beams. Turntable is equipped with an electric drive with thyristor speed controller which allows for smooth movement and accuracy of the positioned circle about railway track.
For safe operation the construction of the turntable includes the following devices: reserve hand drive, fixation devices, signal indicators of the readiness of the turntable to admit the locomotive, headlight for illumination of the working area. Reserve manual drive is necessary for the rotation of the turntable, in the absence of electric current, as well as the installation of a new place of working.
Control of the turntable is carried out from a comfortable operator's cabin. Cab is equipped with a fan heater with a large heat transfer coefficient, which allows to create a necessary microclimate within the shortest period of time, and by the internal wall covering cabin insulation material designed to support the long-term climate. By wish of a customer the operator's cabin can be equipped with an air conditioner.
Equipment of the turntable ensures its operation at the ambient temperature from -40°C up to +40°C.

Technical specifications

Parameter KP-22
Lenght of the swing-span (circle diameter) *, m
Lifting capacity, t 
Circular rail diameter*, m
Internal diameter of the well*, m 22,3
Average linear speed (whith electric drive), m/min
Width of the gauge, mm
Type of the rail  R50
Turntable drive
-    main

-    reserve

electric, alternating current with voltage 380 V

hand drive
Power of the drive electric motors of bogies, kW
Fixation device actuator
hand drive or electric
Constructive weight, t

* Manufactoring with individual dimensions is possible

The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of request planning.