Mobile loading boom crane KS-8467 is intended for loading and unloading works, as well as installation works with large-size and long loads.
The main units of the crane are moving and swing frames connected with each other by a rotary support with the turning angle of 360° and installed at the six-axle wheeled chassis MZKT-7916-011 with the lifting capacity 55 t. The crane is able to operate only on outriggers with the removable counterbalances with the total weight 30 t.
The swing frame is equipped with:

  • boom equipment on a flexible suspension with the following boom lengths: 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 m, that allow to work in the radius range from 5 to 28 m with the hook lifting height up to 38,46 m.
  • power diesel-generator plant consisting of YaMZ-236 М2 diesel with the nominal power of 132 kW and direct current generator with the voltage of 220V and nominal power 50 kW ensures operability of the crane within the limits of its performance parameters, in particular, main load hoist, auxiliary load hoist, boom hoist and slewing gear. The availability of cage asynchronous motor with power 55 kW ensures the operation of the crane units from external direct current source with an electrical cable with the length of 50 m.
  • comfortable operator's cabin with the working place equipped with a microprocessor device of overload safeguard that serves for protection against overload and overturning when the load is lifted, protection of the operating equipment against damages when operated in space-limited environment (coordinate protection) and for display of information of the actual weight of the lifted load, maximum lifting capacity on this radius, crane loading efficiency, radius value, boom head lifting height, turning angle of the crane. Inbuilt technical parameters recorder secures recording and long-term storage of the information of the operating parameters of the cranes and the  loading efficiency of the cranes within the whole service life time.

KS-8467 is equipped with the two hook blocks with lifting capacity 63 and 100 t. The crane is equipped with the devices allowing to execute the works for bringing the crane into transport position in case of failure of the main diesel and de-energizing of the external alternating current source.
For starting in low temperature conditions the crane is equipped with starting preheaters.
Environmental class U for operation in the conditions of the placement category 1 as per GOST 15150 for operation at the ambient temperature from -40°C up to +40°C. 

Technical specifications

Parameter name
Parameter value
Maximum loading capacity, t
Travel mechanism type
combustion engine power drive
Platform mechanisms type
separate electric motor drives
Outrigger drive type
Speed in self-propelled mode, km/h 
   - asphalt-concrete roads
   - improved earth roads

up to 40
up to 20
Maximum hook lifting height, m
Maximum gradeability, grad
Rotation rate, rpm
Rotating platform turning angle, grad
Current feeding type
from installed power plant
or through 50 m cable from external mains
Motor type
four-stroke high-speed liquid-cooled
direct-injection turbocharging engine
Weight of main elements, t
   - crane assembly with the boom L = 12 m and hook block with the lifting capacity of 100 t
(without balance box)
   - balance box
   - hook assembly, load capacity 63 t
   - boom section L=3 m
   - boom section  L = 5 m
   - boom section L = 10 m


Wheel arrangement
Seating capacity
Tank capacity, l
385 and 440
Fuel capacity, km

The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of request planning.