KZh-971 hydraulic railroad crane is designed for emergency and recovery works, loading and unloading operations, construction and installation on tracks with a gauge of 1520 mm.
The main units of the crane are moving and swing frames connected with each other by a rotary support with the turning angle of 360° and installed at two three-axle bogies, equipped with a hydraulic drive. A three-section telescopic boom with a load winch is mounted on the revolving frame. The boom’s operating radius ranges from 4,2 m to 17,7 m. The crane is also equipped with two slewing gears, a power plant and an operator’s cab. The crane has ability of  telescoping of the boom with a load equal  to 75% of the rated capacity.
The crane can work both with and without outriggers. They can be fixed in three positions: 6x6 m, 8,2x4,4 m and 8,56x2,9 m. The crane has a microprocessor-based overload limiter that allows an operator to control crane loading during hoisting; the limiter is also equipped with a parameter recorder.
For power plant starting in low temperature conditions the crane is equipped with a starting  preheater.
The crane’s design and assembly allows to transport it to the operation site both in a train or separately without any convoy platforms. Crane’s traveling dimensions are in compliance with 1-Т GOST 9238-2013.
Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +40°С.

Technical Specification

Parameter name
Parameter value
Maximum load moment, tfm
Maximum loading capacity, t:
  • with outriggers, support contour 6x6 m
  • with outriggers, support contour 8,2x4,4 m
  • with outriggers, support conttour 8,2x4,4 m within ±25° from long track axis
  • with outriggers, support contour 8,56x2,9 m within ±15° from long track axis
  • without outriggers
  • without outriggers within ±10° from long track axis 




Maximum hook lifting height with extended boom, m
Boom radius, m:
  • minimum
  • maximum

Maximum load lifting-lowering speed, m/min, not less than
Rotation frequency, rpm
Boom section telescoping speed, m/min, not less than
Operation traveling speed, km/h
Gradeability, ‰ (grad)
  • with loaded
  • unloaded at operating speed

10 (0,57)
20 (1,14)
Traveling dimensions, mm:
  • length (with boom off)
  • height
  • width
  • back 

12 840
4 850
3 300
6 000
Weight, t
Minimum curving radius, m
Towing speed in a train, km/h, not more than

The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of order preparation.