The diesel-electric railroad building crane KZhS-16 is designed to perform a range of construction and assembly works, as well as loading and unloading operations in the course of  electrification of railways with the gauge 1520 mm. The crane can operate on double-track railways without stopping traffic on a parallel line.
A unified 400V AC, 50Hz multi-motor diesel-electric drive ensures coordination of all the necessary operations, its power is 100 kW. The crane can operate from an outer power source connected by means of a flexible cable.
In its basic modification, the crane incorporates a 15-meter boom with a hoist hook. By customer's request, the crane may be equipped with: an additional 5 m boom section, a 1,2 m3 or 2,0 m3 clamshell bucket for handling loose cargos, a timber grab, and a lifting electromagnet with appropriate rigging. Cranes with an extended boom can be used only for work with a hook.
KZhS-16 crane is equipped with a microprocessor-based overload limiter to protect cranes from overload and tipping over during hoisting, to protect operating facilities from damage during working in confined areas (coordinated protection) and to display information on actual weight of cargo being lifted, maximum loading capacity at a given radius, crane loading status, handling radius, boom head lifting height and crane turning angle.
An integrated parameter recorder memorizes and stores crane operating parameters and loading status during its operating life.
The crane can operate within the temperature range from -40ºC up to +40ºC.

Technical Specification

Parameter name
Maximum loading capacity, t
  • with outrigger
  • without outrigger

Maximum height of hook lifting, m
Boom radius, m:
  • minimum
  • maximum

Capacity, t/h, not less than110
Lifting-lowering speed, m/min
  • one drum
  • two drums

Rotation frequency, rpm   
Travling speed, km/h:
  • operating position
  • traveling position   

Diesel-generator power output, kW
Gradeability at operation speed,  (grad)
  • with load
  • unloaded, at operating speed

10,0 (0,57)
25,0 (1,425)
Tail radius, m   
Minimum curving radius, m
Towing speed in a train, km/h, not more than     
Weight, t   

The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of order preparation.