KZhU-571 railroad track crane is designed for track laying and stripping into rail lengths of up to 21 tons in weight and up to 25 meters in length with rails from R-43 to R-75 inclusive and wooden or concrete sleepers during repairs and construction of railroads with the gauge of 1520 mm. 
KZhU-571 is a lead vehicle of track-laying and stripping trains that also include an MPD-2 self-propelling motor platform manufactured by JSC «Kirovsky Mashzavod 1 Maya» and a standard four-axle roller platform that fixes and transports components of the track panel.
A distinguishing feature of KZhU-571 crane is two diesel-hydraulic units that maintain stable operation of all the crane mechanisms.
Hoisting equipment is mounted on the track crane framework and consists of a lifting and pulling winches, two crabs, lines and pulleys, loading capacity limiter, crab arrester, rope support and lifting cross piece unit.
Traveling and working operations are controlled from control stations located at both sides of the crane. KZhU-571 may be equipped with a  remote radio control for all the opeartions.
The machine is designed for operation in U1 environmental class conditions as per GOST 15150, but for operation at the ambient temperature from -10°C till +40°C with non-frozen ballast.

Technical specification*

Parameter name
Parameter value
Platform loading capacity, t
Maximum crane loading capacity, t

Number of components of the track panel for one hauling, pcs:

  • with concrete sleepers
  • with wooden sleepers

Maximum capacity, m/h
Hauling winch force, tf
Maximum rail length transporting speed, m/s
Hauling winch coil length, m
Maximum crane traction effort, t
Maximum load lifting speed, m/s
Load transporting speed, m/s
Maximum load on wheels from one wheel set in traveling position, tf
Maximum crane traveling speed  km/h:
  • in a train
  • in self-propelled mode

  • total length
  • traveling width
  • traveling height
  • maximum operating height

43 300
3 250
5 200
6 700
Weight, t

In order to secure the technical parameters required from the machine, the elements of the track superstructure (rails, sleepers, joints, ballast, curves, etc.) shall conform to the requirements of the valid regulations in respect of the customer's railways.
The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of order preparation.