MPD-2 self-propelled motor car is designed for construction, repair and maintenance of railway tracks with a gauge of 1435 mm and 1520 mm. The machine is designed for various shunting works during new railway bed laying and old track stripping as well as rail length assembly. 
MPD-2 functions as a hauling unit of a track-laying train and serves for hauling of multiple rail lengths with concrete or wooden ties and R-43 - R-75 rails 30 m long along roller platforms from stripping crane to track crane. The machine is equipped with a mechanized system of hauling line stretching along feed platforms. Steady MPD-2 operation is ensured by two 120 kW diesel power plants. 
Machine traveling and operating is controlled from a comfortable operator’s cab; switching between cab’s traveling and operating position is effected by a hydraulic drive. The cabin is designed with regard to ergonomic and stylistic unity in the tideway of current market trends. ABS plastic and noise insulation were used to manufacture acoustic heat-insulating lining for the inside surfaces of the operator’s cab. The cab is equipped with an advanced microclimate controlling system  equipped with an air supply unit and filters ensuring feeding of the cleaned air including an autonomous  heater and air conditioner.
MPD-2 is equipped with a fire detecting and extinguishing system.
The machine is designed for operation in U environmental class conditions as per GOST 15150 and for operation at the ambient temperature from -45°C to +40°C.

Technical specification

Parameter name
Parameter value
Load capacity, kN (tf)
589,0 (60)
Rail-tie assembly winch force, kN (tf)
52,9 (5,4)
Maximum platform traction effort, kN (tf)
127,0 (13,0)
Winch coil length, m
Maximum laying length, m
Number of components of the track panel for one hauling, pcs (not more than):
  • with concrete sleepers
  • with wooden sleepers

Dimensions, mm:
  • length from coupling to coupling
  • width
  • height in traveling position
  • maximum height in operating position

16 320
3 250
4 440
6 700
Diesel power plant output, kW
Travelling speed, km/h:
  • self-operation
  • in a train

Minimum curving radius, m
Weight, t 47

The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of request planning.