Leveling, lining and tamping machine VPRS-02 machine is designed for longitudinal and transversal track alignment and lining up, as well as for ballast consolidation under sleepers and at sleeper butts, under bars of switches and  frogs. 
  The machine is used for construction of new, and repair and maintenance of the existing railroads with gauges of 1435 mm and 1520 mm with  rails types up to R-65 inclusive, with concrete and wooden sleepers bedded on the various types of ballast. VPRS-02 is a multipurpose cycle-operating track machine performing simultaneous or separate leveling, lining and tamping of railway track in a semi-automatic or manual operating modes both on main and yard tracks and switches.
The machine is equipped with a microprocessor controller for leveling systems. An on-board computed with a keyboard for processing information input  is designed:
- to collect and store information on the track condition before and after leveling and on its design parameters;
- to make calculations and produce control signals for leveling systems
- to maintain man-machine interaction.
VPRS-02 can autonomously move along main tracks to the operation site thanks to its high traveling speed, on-board radio station, transport safety system (optional) and automated fire detecting and extinguishing system.
The machine is designed for operation in U1 environmental class conditions as per GOST 15150, but for operation at the ambient temperature from -10°C till +40°C with non-frozen ballast.

Technical specification*

Parameter name
Parameter value
Maximum capacity:
  • track leveling and tamping, sleepers/h
  • switch track tamping, switch tracks/h

up to 700
up to 1,2
Track leveling accuracy (not more than):
  • profile elevation on the base of 2,5 m,
  • track twist (difference between the rail position along on 1-meter length), mm
  • lining up – difference of two adjoining deflections measured in the center of  20-m chord at the distance of 5 m, mm


Maximum track up-grade, mm
Maximum track leveling, mm
Maximum gradeability,   (grad)
20,0 (1,14)
Maximal traveling speed in self-propelled mode, km/h
Minimum curving radius, m:
  • in travelling position
  • in operating position

Dimensions, mm:
  • length with a towed car
  • height with a radio aerial
  • width

23 500
4 150
3 350
Weight, all equipment included, t
Operating crew, people

* - These specifications are only valid if the Customer’s track structure (rails, ties, junctions, ballast, epure, etc) conform to current specifications for railroads active in the Customer’s area.
The company reserves the right to change or modify technical specifications of products. Specifications and the list of equipment should be specifed during the process of request planning.